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Gigén április 8.-án volt a Húsvétváró nyuszi-buli,ahol a húsvéti hagyományokhoz kapcsolódó játékokon keresztül,a vetélkedőkön és a tojásfestésen túl, sok programmal várta a Gigei Önkormányzat a község apraja-nagyját.

» Mayor's Welcome ·

Dear Visitors!

Welcome to virtual gate of Gige.
Come and get acquainted with this small village in Somogy County.

It is our great pleasure to get among the settlements providing information on the website.

By this we can introduce our small village. We are proud of our past: the genuine historical prescription has been extended with data having been collected by an enthusiastic inhabitant in the village.This collection contains a lot of interesting documents and pictures. We introduce Gige to you and are looking forward to seeing you here.

What can we offer to you?

Nice, peaceful landscape, quiet rest, genuine village life and good hospitality i.e. everything you need for relaxation.

We are not cut off from the world, wide-band internet is available here, you can contact anywhere in the world.

Come and visit us, make tours or look at the houses for sale and chose one.

Yours sincerely:

Sándor Koszti

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